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KCS EDUCATION Chinese language vacation courses - Learn Chinese in China and Taiwan.

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KCS: The Chinese language teaching specialist!

KCS and it's partner school have teamed with a up to bring you the best Chinese language course and the most experienced teachers. Since 1959 our partner school has been the US’s state dept.’s Chinese learning center, and more than 200.000 students have studied Chinese with us, a guarantee that few language schools can offer.

KCS students

Proficient teachers, own teaching methods and small classes.

KCS’s summer camps include 15 weekly Chinese lessons given by our highly trained and experienced teacher team. Trained for teaching Chinese as a foreign language to international students, our teachers usually master a second language such as English, French or Spanish.

Daily practice and use is essential to learn a new language. In order to achieve this, each group has a limited number of students and the lessons, given by experienced teachers, are designed to be fun and interactive. To help our students assimilate the new language, we organize daily activities that require the use of what has been taught in the classroom during our visits to museum, temples, markets etc. Over 55 years experience in teaching Chinese to foreign students has helped us develop our own methods and materials for this purpose.

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Courses tailored to your language level.

No previous knowledge in Chinese is required to take part in the course. At the beginning of the course our teachers will evaluate your level and place you with same age and language level peers.

Beginner’s class: We focus on jump starting your speaking abilities in Chinese. We will simulate daily life situations like buying cinema or train tickets, shopping and bargaining in the market or give directions to a taxi driver and let you put in practice what you learnt in the morning during the afternoon activities and excursions. Great care will be taken to the correct pronunciation of tones as well as to how the students assimilate essential grammatical basis. Written Chinese is taught using simple memorization techniques that will help the student acquire nearly 150 usual Chinese characters.

Advanced and proficient class: Courses for advance and proficient students include more complex grammatical structures and introduce around 10 new characters per session.

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Traditional and simplified Chinese.

Our students learn standard mandarin, simplified characters and pinyin Romanization (the method used in Mainland China and the method of choice by international students learning Chinese all over the world for translating Chinese sounds to the Latin alphabet). However, in Taiwan as well as in Hong Kong, traditional Chinese characters are still in use, traditional characters convey better the meaning and the cultural origin of the character, thus making it easier to understand and remember. Therefore, our students will also be shown the traditional version of the character when possible.