Nature and Adventure in Taiwan with KCS summer camps


KCS EDUCATION Chinese language vacation courses - Nature & adventure.

With over 1600 km of coastline, beautiful beaches, thousand year old forests, and tropical jungles where more than 18000 different animal species thrive, Taiwan is a true paradise in a nutshell. In addition to our daily excursions and activities, every weekend we set on exploring Taiwan's most astounding National Parks to find perfect trekking, rafting, and canoeing spots.

Oluanpi light house, Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Kenting National Park

Located in Taiwan’s southernmost tip, Kenting is a very popular destination and receives thousands of visitors attracted by its clean sandy beaches, lush vegetation and tropical weather and temperature. We will trek along jungle covered mountains, beaches, lakes and grottoes, and all sorts of water sports are waiting for you. Among other landmarks we will stop by the “flaming rocks”, natural gas springs used by the locals for cooking.

Alishan High mountain train, Taiwan

Alishan Natural Park

Only three high mountain trains remain in service in the whole world and the Alisha High Mountain Rail Track will not deceive you. The train will take us to Alishan Natural Park, a must see attraction in Taiwan with 3.000 year old cypress reaching almost 50 metres up to the sky, and incredible bamboo forests inhabited by endemic animals like the Formosan black bear, the Sambar deer and the Taiwanese macaque. From Alishan we will be able to see the sunrise at Jade Mountain, some 3.952 metres high and the highest peak in East Asia.

Rafting in Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Taroko National Park

Taroko (magnificent and beautiful in the local Truku language) is the home of the last aborigine tribes to have resisted Chinese and Japanese colonization in the early 1900’s. We will discover their traditional cooking, art and will listen to some of their ancestral stories. The area is cut by the Liwu river, forming one of the world’s most beautiful canyons with marble walls dropping several hundred meters. After exploring the canyon we will descend the nearby rivers rafting along their amazing turns.

Sulfur, Yamingshan National Park, Taiwan

Yamingshan National Park

Fancy a lunar expedition? Right next to Taipei the Yamingshan National Park will offer you moonlike sceneries, with dozens of volcanic water and steam springs as well as sulfur deposits. This truly is the right place for a soothing Hot spring bath.

Taijian salt mine, Taijian National Park, Taiwan

Taijian National Park

After visiting the nearby Fort Zeelandia in the southern city of Tainan, we will explore the Taijian National Park it’s sandy dunes, and the nearby swamps, a real paradise for all kind of birds and water creatures like crabs and fish. The Park area also features salt mines where sea salt is harvested using traditional methods.