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KCS EDUCATION Chinese language vacation courses - Your safety is our top Priority!

KCS students

Taiwan: a safe destination!

Our student’s safety is our top priority and that’s why even though we offer language courses for adults in China, our teenager summer camps all take place in Taiwan.

Taiwan shares a similar income level with most European countries, and together with Japan, it can be considered as one of the safest countries in the world. Public and health infrastructures in the whole country are excellent and highly regarded, with modern equipment and medical personnel that often hold U.S., Australian or European PhD's. All this makes the island a perfect destination for young Chinese language students.

If the need arises, travelling to Taiwan is easy as European citizens do not need a visa to enter the country, also English is understood and spoken by many people.

Connoeing in Taroko

KCS EDUCATION Language courses: We care for our student’s safety!

KCS's English speaking supervisors will take care of the students on 24hrs/day basis, and this from the very start of their journey in Europe, through their stay in Formosa, and till they are handed back to their parents or legal tutors once back from Taiwan. Our monitors are required to hold valid and up to date First Aid and CPR certificates and undergo background checks before joining our organization.

We also check and certify that all companies in charge of adventure activities have trained professionals. When public transportation cannot be used, we make sure that journeys are made on new vehicles, duly authorized and equipped with the mandatory safety equipment. As a matter of fact, all KCS summer courses include in their pricing a medical and repatriation insurance covering all activities offered, and if needed, a family member’s travel to Taiwan.

Parents are given access to our private interactive zone, where you can follow your kid’s adventures on daily basis.

Chinese teacher

KCS EDUCATION Language courses: the guarantee to study with the World's leading Chinese language eduction centre!

KCS and it's partner school have teamed up to bring you the best Chinese language course and the most experienced teachers. Since 1959 our school has been the US’s state dept.’s Chinese learning center, and more than 200.000 students have studied Chinese with us. A guarantee that few language schools can offer.