Why study in Taiwan?


Taiwan: an ideal destination for Chinese language students.

Dragon in taiwanese temple

Taiwan: the best place to discover genuine Chinese culture.

Taiwan keeps traditional Chinese culture like nowhere else in the world, including China (The P.R.C.) Indeed, in 1949, while the communists were winning the revolution against nationalist troops in mainland China, millions of refugees crossed the Taiwan strait to seek refuge in Taiwan, bringing with them not only knowledge, arts and religious smalls and rites, but also folklore, cooking and popular music from all the Chinese provinces. Moreover, thousands of art masterpieces from Imperial China’s museums and palaces were transferred to Formosa, like the astonishing 600.000 pieces collection from Peking’s Forbidden City exhibited in Taipei’s National Palace Museum.

Taipei night market

Taiwan: the best destination for mandarin students.

Taiwan is a developed country, technically very advanced and equipped with state of the art infrastructures and medical facilities. It is also one of the safest countries in the world (on par with Japan) and in case of any emergency, the equipment available, as well as the personnel’s knowledge, training and procedures are those you would expect in any European country. This is not the case in other Chinese language destinations where the standards vary considerably even within the same city.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan: a continent in a nutshell.

Taiwan offers a variety of sceneries and ecosystems ranging from alpine forests, to tropical jungles, mangroves and sandy beaches, and yet thanks to the High Speed Rail you can cross the island from North to South in barely 2 hours, giving you the opportunity to explore its wonderful National Parks without lengthy road trips nor time consuming flights.

Chinese dumplings

Taiwan: a gourmet's paradise!

A reason for itself for studying in Formosa is the Taiwanese’s absolute passion for good food at any time of the day. It is said that in Taipei there is a snack stand every three footsteps, and a restaurant every five, and the truth is that there is a multitude of restaurants and eateries competing to serve the best dishes in town. Not only are all five master Chinese cuisines (Shanghainese, Pekinese, Szechuanese, Cantonese and Yangtze cuisines) represented, but local and aborigene specialities, as well as Japanese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and western are very much available in most cities.

2002 Taiwan electoral bills

Taiwan: a thriving democracy.

Taiwan is the only culturally Chinese country that has embraced Democracy, the "Rule of Law", and total freedom of speech and religion. This makes the Taiwanese people more open to foreign influence and very welcoming towards overseas tourists.