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KCS EDUCATION Chinese language vacation courses - Urban & cultural excursions.

KCS has prepared a broad range of cultural activities and urban excursions. You will be able to admire some of the 600.000 masterpieces of Chinese art that decorated the Forbidden City in Peking. We will bring you to some of Asia’s most pious and impressive Buddhist and Taoist temples. And you will soar to the top of Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world in record braking pressurized lifts. In this page you will find only a few of the places you will know during your KCS summer camp.

National Palace Museum, Taipei

National Palace Museum, Taipei

Named as one of the world’s Top 5 museums, the National Palace Museum keeps some 600.000 masterpieces of Chinese art that decorated the Forbidden City and other palaces in China. The collection covers 5.000 years of Chinese civilization. Among other items the museum guards some of China’s most precious cultural and artistic treasures like jades, brass items, sculptures, embroideries and exquisite calligraphies. Most of the items were transferred to Taipei by the retreating nationalist army during the communist revolution in China.

CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei

Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Right in the heart of the capital Taipei, the CKS Memorial hall rises surrounded by a 250.000 sqm park. One of the most visited monuments in Taipei, it was inspired by Peking’s Temple of Heaven, and behind its white marble walls a small museum exhibit artifacts related to the foundation of the Republic of China, as well as items belonging to the late Chiang Kai Shek.

Longshan temple, Taipei

Longshan temple

Built in 1738 in Taipei’s central district, the Longshan Temple is visited 24 hours a day by tourists, worshipers and many Taipei citizens, who come to pray, present offerings and burn incense sticks for Guanshiyin Budha, the official protective deity of the temple. Longshan is definitely a good place to observe the Chinese religious life as Buddhist, Taoist, and local deities are all present under the same roof. The temple is also decorated with calligraphies, paintings, and sculptures representing, gods, guards, dragons and many mythical animals and creatures.

Night View Taipei 101, Taipei

Taipei 101

Soar to the top of Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world in record braking pressurized lifts. Measuring 509.2m height it is considered as one of the 7 new wonders of the world (Newsweek, 2006). You will enjoy breathtaking views of Taipei and the surrounding mountain ranges, and will certainly marvel with the 660T dampener pendulum that protects the structure against vibrations caused by typhoons.

Night view of Ximending, Taipei

Night markets

In the evening, Taipei’s night markets come to life. A hot spot for youngsters and teenagers we will take you to the most famous in town were you will be able to try all kinds of dishes, candies and fruits, as well as enjoy its cheap shopping opportunities. We will also visit Shimending, the local version of Tokyo’s Ginza district.

Aerial view of the Presidential Palace, Taipei

Presidential Palace

The visit to the presidential palace, formerly Japan’s General Governor’s Residence is a perfect way to get acquainted to Taiwan’s Japanese past. The building is typical of Japan’s imperial style architecture prior to WW II.

Panda Bear, Taipei

Mao Kong cable car and Taipei Zoo

This is a unique opportunity to see at close range some of Taiwan’s local fauna as well as Panda bears. After visiting the zoo we will travel by cable car to the tea plantations in Mao Kong Hills where we shall learn everything about China’s national drink.

Fort San Domingo, Taipei


Jump aboard a time machine and fly back to the XVII century. Danshui (or Casidor as it was named by the Spaniards) was one of the first European settlements in Formosa. Nowadays the Spanish and Dutch troops that were stationed in their forts are long gone, but you can still feel their presence in Fort San Domingo’s museum.

Lin An Tai Ancestral home, Taipeii

Lin An tai Ancestral Home

Built in 1783 and restored several times since, the Lin An Tai ancestral home is one of the few rich merchants houses kept in Taipei. Besides it’s historical value, the building’s Fokien style is a perfect and floor plan is a perfect way to study the art of "Feng Shui" or Chinese geomancy.

Jiufen Street, Taipei


Change your sandals for a miner’s boots in Jiufen. This old gold mining town is located right over the Pacific Ocean on the ridges of a mountain and offers some astounding views as well as mysterious alleys passing by Chinese and Japanese style houses. Every afternoon Jiufen turns into a lively market full of local delicacies, and candies.

Fort Zeelandia, Tainan

Fort Zeelandia

Reenact the battles the Dutch garrison in Tainan fought against Koxinga’s pirates in 1661 and 1662. The fort keeps many artifacts, weapons and even cannons from that period and is one of Taiwan’s most important historical sites.

National Museum of Marine Biology, Pingtung

Pingtung National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Next to Kenting’s National Park, this museum/aquarium will open your eyes to Taiwan’s rich coastal waters. Tropical fish, jellyfish, crabs and even sharks will swim around you in this underwater adventure.