KCS EDUCATION - Learn Chinese in China


CHINESE LANGUAGE ADULT COURSES IN CHINA: Learn Mandarin and make the most of your time!

Set your CV apart and give your career a boost. Learn Chinese, the language of the world’s 2nd economy and The US’s and Europe’s most important trade partner. More and more companies are trading with China and require their managers to speak Chinese. Don’t be left behind! Make the most out of your time, discover a new culture and take a huge step into your future!

KCS School

The World's leader in Chinese teaching.

KCS and it's partner school have teamed up to bring you the best Chinese language course and the most experienced teachers. Since 1959 our school has been the US’s state dept.’s Chinese learning center, and more than 200.000 students have studied Chinese with us. A guarantee that few language schools can offer.

Learning Mandarin with KCS is easy!

Tailor made courses.

All our students take an entry test to evaluate their proficiency in Chinese and enable us to tailor made our courses. Moreover, 3 different teachers will coach you to help you familiarize with different accents, and help you understand how mandarin is spoken and written.

learn to read and write Chinese carachters.

One to one lessons.

Don’t waste your time! All our lessons are given on one to one basis. This gives you more flexibilty on when to start your course, timing and speed, and you will not need to worry if you want to stop a lesson whenever you have questions.

Experienced teachers

Professional and knowledgeable teachers.

All our teachers have a long experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, many of them also speak our student's mother tongue (English, French, Spanish and Japanese).

Taipei Airport pick-up

Aiport pick-up.

We want you to enjoy your stay in China, and there’s nothing better than feeling that you are welcomed and taking good care off after a long trip. That’s why KCS arranges an airport pick-up service for all its students.

Hotel in Taipei

Your house, your castle!

Hotel, service-apartment or student residence. You decide where and how you want to live during your KCS mandarin course.

Emergency phone for students

24h emergency line.

All our students have access to 2, 24hr emergency telephone lines. You never know when you might need a helping hand.

Cheap flights to Taiwan

Discounted flights to Taiwan.

Our chinese language students can benefit of exclusive and special airfares to Taiwan on China Airlines flights (currently available from limited airports). Make your time worth every penny: Study Mandarin with KCS!

Weekend activities offered to students in Taiwan

Weekend activities.

Taiwan offers countless sightseing, adventure sports and cultural activities. We offer our students assistance and special discounts in hostels, BnB's, DIY workshops, Kung-fu lessons, rafting and gorge walking and even dolphin and whale watching. Just tell us what you would like to experience and we will take care of the logistics for you.