Clases y actividades incluidas en los campamentos KCS


KCS EDUCATION Chinese language vacation courses - Discovery workshops.

A KCS Chinese language summer camp is like no other summer camp, not only will you learn Chines but you will also have the opportunity to play Mahjong, practice Kung Fu, and even give shape to your very own teapot. Chinese delicacies rarely seen in Europe are on the menu, like spicy Szechuan dishes, sweets from Shanghai, roasted Peking Duck, Dim Sum from Canton, or the Taiwanese version of xiaolongbao, delicate crab meat dumplings hard to resist. Learn how to cook some of these dishes and surprise your family with your master chefs skills once back home. For fruit lovers we have arranged visits to some of Taiwan’s best tropical fruit plantations like mangos, papayas, and litchis where you will discover wonderful smallures and tastes unknown in Europe.

Kung Fu lessons

Kung Fu

Follow the steps of Jackie Chan and learn your first Kung Fu kicks. KCS offers you the possibility to learn Kun Fu from some of the best practitioners in Taiwan.

Pottery lessons


Chinese pottery has always been highly regarded all over the world. Try your skills with the potter’s wheel and bring back home a self-made souvenir.

Mahjong dices

Mahjong and other traditional games

A must in any family gathering the Mahjong game is fast, challenging and great fun. Get started and learn its rules and tricks.

Tea harvest

Tea ceremony

Tea is China’s national drink and Taiwan has some of the world’s best tea plantations. We will tour a few of them to try different kinds of tea and learn how to perform a perfect tea ceremony.

Painting masks

Chinese Opera and mask making

Chinese opera will suddenly become less enigmatic once you know how to decipher the player’s gestures and robes. Did you know it has been performed for over 2.000 years under various different forms? If you have an artist’s hand you will certainly enjoy making your own personal mask.

Crab dumplings

Chinese cooking lessons

We partner with MICASA KITCHEN TAIPEI where you can try your skills cooking some of China’s most famous dishes. Spicy dishes from Sichuan, Xiaolongbao from Taiwan, Hongkonese DimSum or Peking Duck are just a few of the dishes you will be able to surprise your family and friends with when you are back home. Try fresh papayas, lychees, mangos and wax apples a few of the tropical fruits you will be able to pick by yourself in our visits to Taiwan’s plentiful orchards.